kids playingAs a parent, you no doubt love your child to the point where it can be hard to vocalise or describe. That love for our children, though, often drives us to do things that we would normally consider irrational. For example, that desire to protect our kids means we often want them in our sight so that we can see them being safe. While admirable, it’s always likely to mean that you have issues with getting your kids outdoors.

The importance of getting your kids outside, though, cannot be ignored. From simply letting them run around with friends in the streets and parks, to helping them join football academy programs, you have lots to consider. Whether you intend on helping your child become more attuned to the outside world through sport or just through play, it’s essential that you make this a priority.

But why? Why do we have to make sure that our kids can spend as much of any given day outside as they possibly can? What are the benefits to this?

In what ways can our children get more from life if we are willing to get them outside to spend time?

Meeting new people

One of the main reasons why our kids need to be spending more time outdoors is that they get to meet new people. At home, your kids only come across you, their family, visitors to the home, and people they meet online. As such, meeting new people can be a hard thing to do outside of school and football classes if you look to keep your kids indoors all the time. That is not good for their development, either.

Later in life, a child who has lived most of their life indoors will suffer socially. They’ll be less likely to handle social situations and are thus more likely to have issues with taking control and using their initiative. While keeping your children safe and in your sights can be a rewarding feeling for a parent, it’s highly unlikely to help your children develop in a socially solid way.

Whether you have them outside to play football or any other sport, or even just with school mates and friends, you will find great benefits from getting your child to spend time outdoors.

Learn how to solve problems

While we can often learn how to solve issues through academia and through online learning, being outside is unmatched for problem solving. From dealing with difficult people and/or unexpected situations, being outside forces a child to adapt; to take on new trains of thought. It makes them more mature, and it ensures that they are more likely to handle tight and challenging situations.

If your children are mostly raised on what they learn at home from you and what they learn in school, they’ll be somewhat lacking in some of their essential social skills. That is likely to cause issues later on in life, so we recommend that your get your children spending more time outside. Life at home is nice and predictable; cosy, but easy. If they are used to life playing out for them and without much drama, then the moment that life throws a new situation at your child it can cause them to freeze.

That’s why you should always look to help your child be outside more. You can learn from all the books and studies in the world, but nothing beats going out and experiencing the issue yourself.

Make your children more creative

Whether it’s for their long-term career path in an academic study or their desire to get into football coaching, being outdoors makes children more creative. They get to tap into their imaginations, removing the constraints that are so limiting when they are playing indoors – especially at home. It allows your child to be stimulated by the objects and happenings around them, making it much more likely that your child can enjoy creative thinking. Not only that, but it will help them to become more outside of the box when it comes to coming up with potential solutions to issues.

Increased Vitamin D intake

Whether it’s through playing for a football club or just going for walks, being outdoors boosts Vitamin D intake. This is not something to take lightly; did you know that 50% of the world populace suffer from vitamin D insufficiency?

Indeed, over 1bn people in the world have a vitamin D deficiency. That is a massive number of people, and one of the leading reasons why large parts of the world suffer. The fact that so many of us keep our kids indoors, and our kids love being indoors, means that we have created a society that does not take health and safety outdoors seriously.

It means that many children can have problems with their Vitamin D intake, which is mostly brought into the body via the sun. therefore, it’s essential that you look to get your kids outside as the importance of them getting Vitamin D into their body is crucial for their long-term health and development.

Therefore, as a parent, the best thing that you can do is make time for your kids to get outdoors and get some more Vitamin D into their system. Again, it could be through regular football training, through long walks, or even through riding their bike. It does not matter: being outdoors does.

Remove the shackles

Another reason why our children need time outside is that they need time away from their parents. One day, you won’t have total control over what your kids do. This means that they need to be ready to stand on their own two feet, and, crucially, to fail. Failure is the ultimate lesson and trying to shield your children from failure is not a good look whatsoever.

That’s why we recommend that you look to remove the shackles as soon as you can. Don’t force your children to live life in your shadow; let them stand on their two feet and learn for themselves sometimes!

So, when will you next put these ideas into practice? How can you help your children become the best person that they can be?