Motivate Your Kids for sport

Motivate Your Kids for sportChildren often like to do opposite what their parents ask them to do. We can’t force them to care about something if they don’t want to do so. Same goes for motivating them for sports.

Motivation comes from within their decision. It is getting harder for the parents to motivate their kids to play outdoor games today. In the era of technology, when every outdoor match is available to them in a digital form, they prefer their comfortable couches over football grounds.

They choose their gaming consoles instead of going out in the sun. The possibility of separating them from social sites is declining.

As parents, you might feel as if you can’t motivate your kids, and that gets frustrating. Continuously pursuing your kids to go for football, can sometimes backfire. As a result, your children might get less interested in the sport.

Football and It’s Significance

Youth football is a team game, and you need optimal coordination to play the game. As a sport, it can be very motivating, and the idea of the team chemistry building can create a sense of responsibility in the children. Football can encourage them to help each other and work as a unit.

You need to motivate your children to play football. It is not only a sport that is performed on the field, but it is essential in their real lives as well.

Football will help your kids be healthier, both mentally and physically. Their tendency to critically think becomes stronger, as well as their muscles, grow in strength. The healthy habits that they develop while playing football will eventually help them in their lives.

Tips to Motivate Your Kids

In a world where obesity is on the rise, football can serve a great purpose. All you have to do is use the right mindset and ignite the fire in the next generation that will make them love this game.

Focusing on making them take part in the game is way more important than emphasizing them to win it.

Here are some tricks that will help you motivate your kids better;

1.    Let Them Make Mistakes

It is usual for your child to make mistakes. After all, these mistakes are the source of learning. Whenever or however they make a mistake, just let it go. Don’t create an about it and let them know how to make it right.

This will make your child feel better and less inclined to make that mistake again.

2.    Be Supportive

No matter what happens, always be supportive of your child. It is easier for your kids to be misguided if not supported by the parents. It shows that they are understood and cared for. Let them decide on the sport they want to play.

Pushing them to a specific sport will only make them hate that particular game, and you’re going to feel miserable about it.

3.    Always Listen

This is probably the essential part of motivating your child. Listen to what your kids are saying to you or asking from you. Hear which sport they like and let them play that sport. The more fun it is for them, the higher the chances are of them playing it.

Football is an exceptional sport that will teach them how to support their teammates.

4.    Let Them Be Their own Coach

Observe what football means to them. The way you respond to their playing tactics and ideas is always going to influence their thoughts in that particular game. Let them make decisions and be supportive of them.

When you let them make their own choices in the game, they will be self-motivated, which is the best thing you can hope for.

5.    Set a Target

Play your part as parents. We often forget how important it is for us to walk with our children until the last mile of the way. It makes them feel that we are there to help them. In football, set small targets for them to achieve.

The sense of accomplishment that is going to come after they reach their set target is going to motivate them to reach their next goal. This way, you can keep your child engaged in the sport.

It is also a way to measure their performance after each game. Not just as a tool on the field, but a scale to see if they are moving forward in their life. Setting a target will develop a career-oriented mindset, which will significantly help them in real life.

6.    Team Work makes the Dream Work

Football is a game that is played as a team by the players. It is as strong as the team’s weakest link. Motivate your kid to be the team player. Tell them how important it is for him to help his team win the match.

This will develop of sense of leadership and communication in your kid, which is not only going to help him on the football field but in the area of life as well.

When your kid, along with his team, will yield great results, it will automatically boost his self-confidence.

7.    Tell Them About the Benefits

Sometimes, our kids are unaware of the real benefits of sports. Hower ever it not their mistake, but ours. We should be responsible enough to tell them how beneficial it is for them to go outside and play football. It builds character and physical strength.

Make them feel that sport is equally rewarding as anything else. Let the children set goals, achieve their targets, and be proud of their achievements.]

A Few Tips to Keep in Mind

Be a real model for your child

Kids like to play with their parents one of the best ways to motivate your child to play sport with them at home, Park.

`Be an example for your child and get your self active. The parents that want to push their children to a particular sport, for instance, the parents that want their children to play football should get involved in football for adults, and there are a lot of organized, and fun league games organized in Dubai for all ages. The early the parents start taking their children with them to the game, watch them playing and playing and watch them playing that will help all the parents to have fewer problems motivate their kids to play sports.

Football is meant to ease their stress and not put them under any pressure. When you pressurize your kids into winning, the fun part gets lost in between.

Remember, it is okay to give your kids a target, but it is equally vital for you to encourage them when they fail to achieve it. Don’t make it hard for them to keep their interest in the game because it can be frustrating.

Let them be free and enjoy whichever sports they like.

At last, let them know that you are always going to be appreciative about everything they do in life.

why are organized teams sports will assist in developing your child?

Learning how one loss isn’t the end but to endure until you finally get that win and how the win came about. Our kids need to learn how to replicate more gains and learn from more loses If not, then how can I bring more value to our kid’s development?

The only way I know how to develop more of those experiences is to try and replicate this in my training as a coach at Star Football Academy Here we choose a leader for the day, and leaders get to choose their teams, learn how to select and encourage their teammates in a proper manner but above all Learn that losing isn’t the end of the world but the path they take to becoming a winner. The leaders of the lesson have a look to acknowledge the efforts of their teammates and the value they brought to their team.

Disputes and differences in opinions are a part of our daily challenges we have to overcome and having teammates/squad members take some time to discuss and taking that extra minute as a coach before stepping inn and intervening is one of the most agonizing times I face as a coach but also when the kids are able to resolve the issue amongst themselves, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences… Seeing how our star players develop and grow as individuals

One has to wonder if in today’s times are our kids getting the same opportunity to develop on their terms and through their own experiences that life throws at them. Are kids learning how to socialize and adapt or being taught what social norms are supposed to be?

help your child to be part of a team sport, and star football academy is a leading sports company that accomplishes training in a fun safe and encouraging enrollment to help to create more children that love the game and learn life values through our football coaching program.