Top Reasons why kids should play Team Sports

we believe that team sports offer many benefits doe the kids. Individual sports do have their pros, but team sports provide kids with valuable socialization opportunities that teach them many important lessons.

kids should play Team SportsTeam sport vs. individual sport for kids

Before further describing all the benefits of team sports, let’s take a moment to compare them to individual sports

Individual sports for kids

A few examples of individual sports include:

  • Tennis
  • Ice skating
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming
  • Badminton

These types of activities are performed by individuals, which places full responsibility for attaining success on one person’s shoulders. Individual sports have their pros and cons.


  • Develops an inner strength that teaches kids how to be mentally tough.
  • Encourages self-motivation because practice sessions must be done alone, without teammates spurring each other on.
  • Teaches kids how to handle challenges, disappointments, and failures on their own.
  • Forces kids to take responsibility for their own actions since they can’t blame teammates for failures.
  • The rewards of success are great, giving the child a sense of accomplishment.


Dealing with the pressure on their own might be too overwhelming for some kids.

  • The heartbreak of defeat is incredibly difficult and must be managed alone.
  • Training without a team can feel lonely, especially for extroverts.
  • There may not be as many opportunities to make friends.
  • The challenges of individual sports don’t just affect kids. Parents might find it difficult to witness their children bearing the full responsibility for their success.

When you weigh the pros against the cons, you might realize your child wouldn’t be happy participating in an individual sport. In that case, consider getting your child involved in team sports.

Team sports for kids

5 ways why team sports differ from individual sports. Here are a few of those differences:

  • More Socialization – Kids get the opportunity to socialize with other kids. This is so valuable because there are too many kids who are spending more time on their phones and tablets than with their friends.
  • Less Pressure – The responsibility for winning is dispersed amongst the team, reducing the pressure, making the game more enjoyable, and making it easier to handle defeats.
  • Shared Experiences – Teammates experience the good and the bad together, helping each other through the hard times and celebrating with one another through the good times.
  • Teaches Life Skills – Playing on a team teaches kids how to work with others who might be difficult to get along with. This is an important skill that your child will probably need to use in a future job.
  • Encourages Hard Work – Those who aren’t self-motivated need others to push them to greatness. When kids develop strong relationships with their teammates they won’t want to let them down, causing them to work hard to improve their skills for the sake of the team.

Benefits of team sports for kids

In reviewing the differences between individual and team sports, we have already briefly mentioned some of the benefits of team sports. Now let’s look at these benefits more closely.

Increases self-esteem

When your child makes a great play, improves a skill, or contributes to an important win, the members of the team and the coach are likely to show your child their approval. This increases self-esteem, giving your child the confidence to tackle future challenges.

Promotes good health and physical fitness

So many people are sedentary, which is why taking the time to exercise is important. Why not make it fun?

Playing a sport is a fun way to exercise, and most kids are more likely to get fit if it means participating in an enjoyable activity. As an added bonus, they get to play with their friends.

Some of the health benefits of sports activities include:

  • Better endurance;
  • Increased strength;
  • Improved cardiovascular health;
  • Increased bone density and muscle mass;
  • Less chance of weight gain and obesity;

Teaches leadership and teamwork

In sports, kids should be encouraged to become role models for the team. This helps them to understand that a true leader isn’t necessarily the star player, but is someone who sets an example of how to conduct oneself on and off the field.

Learning about teamwork is just as important. There will likely be a few players who don’t always see eye to eye with each other. Learning how to set aside differences and work together to reach the same goal is an important lesson.

Develops social skills

When spending time with other kids, your child will learn how to interact with others. Unfortunately, the digital age has made this ability to socialize less common.Acquiring adequate social skills enables children to build and maintain quality relationships with others. This will enable them to find friends on and off the team. Having a healthy social life contributes to overall happiness, meaning kids who get involved in team sports are more likely to be happy and content.

Kids learn respect

Sports players must submit to the authorities over them. Otherwise, they will be punished for breaking the rules or showing disrespect.

Not only will your child learn how to respect those in authority, but they will also learn the value of respecting the opposing teams. Good sportsmanship must always be expected, even during a difficult loss.

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If you are convinced that a team sport would benefit your child, you might be wondering where to get involved.

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  • How to work on a team;
  • How to act like a leader.

Some other benefits of enrolling with Star Football Academy include:

  • The opportunity to make new friends;
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